Fidget Cube ok his head, put his hand on his neck, gently one to send. Blame God suddenly clear, hesitate to look at her with a scruples, to both sides receded, one side said Come. Yin were sent a heavy chain of lock, pull her in. I saw the pavilions abound in the city, and the human world is no different, but the residents are all poor, occasional old devil to do the assistant to open the teahouse, are not reincarnation of the people. She felt everything is very strange, left to see the right to see, forgot to forget the things of Sichuan water. Has been led to a magnificent building, the layers of green tiles like the wings of the Phoenix, up to start. Above the clouds enveloped, flying House Pavilion Dan, floor Emerald, really do not see the wonders of the world. The girl invited in. The wretches respectfully invited her fidget cube in, two for her to release the waist of the chain, advanced in the door and the judge complex life to go. The other two left to watch her, waiting in the hall. Green little fangs impromptu side of the tea over, she saw that little devil head sarcoma looks strange, not help reach out to touch, the kid scared surface like earth color, crying out on the spot, a bunch of sound called Yinxiao quickly drank the back imp, strong smiles The girl Mo strange, he just had not seen the world when the face value, to spare him once. She nodded obediently, and said I just think his head sarcoma interesting, can not touch it Only a wry smile, heart You are the ghost of.itting on the bedside, holding a bowl of medicine, soft hands, Channel to, the first Yao Yao, and then drink a good sleep, all right friends. Xuanji really did not have the strength to think where they come from so much fidget cube strength, handy to throw a piece of wood, the mother s hand, drank a medicine. Mother, good bitter Oh She frowned coquetry. Delicate smiled and stuffed her a few pieces of paper wrapped candy plum, to know you have to complain, to eat a plum, really a little fidget cube idubbbz girl. She lost one to her mouth, while in front of the bed, smiled and asked how Sweet is not sweet I do it myself. Xuanji nodded Sweet Well, that is too sweet She fidget cube paleturquoise quickly drank the medicine, the province s exquisite to feed their plum. Do not know her to do the candy plum, in the end put the number of sugar, sweet scary. Now sleep, do not even think. Delicate small adults, like her husband leaned back, and for her finishing quilt pillow, ramble, like old mother. Xuanji could not help laughing out, Delicate you and your mother more and more like a. Delicate eyes to stare, I am your sister, so you have to listen to me, good, fast sleep, fight for better. Xuanji just woke up, and sometimes could not sleep, see her mother carrying a drug out, she would pull fidget cube the exquisite hand, light said Are you okay That person did not hurt you Delicate eyes a red, pouting and said I m fine. Do you good to run out to do Really you almost scared to death She rubbed.

not react. Even the elegant and Yu Ning also correct a moment stunned, this mutual Baoquan, put the posture. Zhong Minyan see the correct senior placed Sword is open boxing moves, could not help asked correct brother no weapons Unarmed to deal with Liangbing Jian, it is difficult Du Min line shook his head, he did not know what the correct use of weapons. Side of the Delicate suddenly exclaimed ah Everyone looked fidget cube together, surprised to see the elegant and Yu Ning two sword in hand, take the two swords together, put a cross. He stood face to face, a red and white, fluttering clothes dancing, really good looking tight. Three sides, confront each other, a long time, are motionless. Delicate and so on for a long time, but also not see them move, whispered how they do not move ah Du Min line or only shaking his head, he naturally do not know. After a while I do not know how long, they still do not move, the audience watching the Morohito are anxious, have issued a surprised noise. fidget cube noise Naju Gongzhu shaking the fan, smiles Mo Mo Mo urgent, quiet quiet. The voice of a fall, did not see the same action of the three, reminding us of scenes of three lightning, starting in the air, hit back, who can not see what they do in the end action. But see a correct sleeve is separated, Yu Ning s hem more than fidget cube a footprint. Wow, what is this Delicate called, simply can not see it No one answered her, because we all like her not clear. So Xuanji very good heart explained This is the off guard, was poured over. Chu Ying red the fastest response, reach out and touch on the shoulders, gently on the tip of the tongue a salt Good boy Three are overjoyed. Sure enough, that poison carved eyes were sprinkled with salt, not help Jingtong, snapped up. One eye was blind, the other eye was salt injury, and instantly became eyes open blind, wings look lost head, from the air down the planted down. Fast stopped Oriental Qingqi roared loudly, the hands of the sword suddenly stretched, puff scoff, poke it into the soft belly is not prepared. fidget cube knock off Was about to cheer loudly, not insanity carved crazy crazy carved, depressed physique scurrying around, seems to want to find a place to hide in the woods. It is also set on the claws of a bundle of demon rope, the rope is divided into three strands, were tied in the Chu Lei three waist. Injured Wicked, rampage up the power is extremely scary, three people fidget cube tried to pull it all could not pull it all, one would Tianyi will be down to the ground at the foot of the sword early to fly, straight to be confused. Chu Lei see the situation is not good, was about to cut a bundle of demon rope sword, but heard Chu Yinghong screamed. So she is in the end is the lack of internal force, strong support for a long time, successor was actually weak, so carved by a carved drag, bitter thorn fidget cube on the ground, half of the body bleeding. Behind the East Qing Qi is reaching out to pull her back was severely carved wings swept away the whole., she must be more aware of hairpin things. He Danping nodded The second said, if that can not overcome the demons, they can not hairpin when you master took part in the hairpin fidget cube price assembly, he was the youngest, but extraordinary qualifications, almost overwhelming to win the first prize. In the demon this off the loss, almost sent his life to now he still keep that long scar it What was the demon that daddy was playing against him, did he get the peony It is a famous demon, called fertilizer left it entrenched in fidget cube 9gag the northwest for three full years, so that there is not rain, and finally your division and other factions of the fidget cube elders to do their best to uniform, as the year Hairpin the finale of the General Assembly play.You daddy fight it for two days and two nights, and finally won, came out when the whole body are dry, almost to death, and then I She suddenly stopped not say, the surface slightly red. How good she said to these junior, and then she rushed desperate, holding him crying. He was holding the flower easy to get the peony flowers, trembling hairpin in her hairline, smiles very early to say fragrant flowers with beauty now can be fidget cube considered to be worthy of your flowers The. Alas, those sweet past, but also with the passage of time gradually faded color. Only in her heart, these precious memories are still so bright, as if happened yesterday. Dinner finished, the crowd chatted for a while, to comfort a bit Xuanji, they retire to.

Fidget Cube ic to climb to shore, his hands just to the land, the heart will be trance up, the sudden death fidget cube lemonchiffon of a sudden death into a smoke from her mind a little gone. She looked blankly tilted head of the shore judge, what the mind wanted to say to him, but forget who he is. You she murmured, I Strange, as if something important to be forgotten by their own. In the end what is it That in the end The magistrate called the shadows, with the lock chain to catch her soul pull the shore, said Xuanji, you are in the government to be more than in March, now sanctified, the officer sent you into reincarnation. Cultivation, an early return to heaven. When he finished, everyone will be racking her to the cycle road. Yin Chuan fidget cube see drowsily, knowing that the reason is to drink the fidget cube skyblue forgotten Sichuan water, not fidget cube help carefully said Judge adults, which let Xuan girl into what Road Or as before, to Shura Road Judge shook his head No, she has not the past, fidget cube burlywood the mind will soon have to open Day. Such a critical moment, as long as the control will become a magic, so the officer of the point of her design, Now Shiren Road to the immortal are numerous, then let her go to the human fidget cube right, as long as there is sincerity, the results of the coming day. Humane reincarnation door is already open, which Guanghua lofty, not intimidate, faintly there are tens of millions of road clues silk knot. Xuan Ji by the light of the light, the whole people gradually become transparent, and final.the tendons it fidget cube Chu Yinghong busy No, that sword thorn of the trick, actually did not hurt the tendons and bones. You are lucky. Now is not completely long good, good after no problem friends. Xuanji nodded, was about to speak, but listening to the window exquisite smiles Red aunt ah, we can come to see Xuanji it Chu Ying Hung for the Xuanji put on clothes, this way You come in, do not be too noisy, you gang of little devil head, all day, noisy. Voice of a fall, a group of people on the Chung came in, seven thousand seven hundred eighty eight, sensitive generation of senior students have come. Delicate start, her most air, first rushed to the bed, looked Xuanji, before We guarantee no noise, never let my sister tired. Chu Ying red hot water and replace the bandage ointment side out, smiled and said Well, let the local to you these little devil. Everyone heard, all call to look around the bed, watching Xuanqi, rushes, the pain hurt, the asked halo is not halo, a very lively room. Xuanji had not received fidget cube in india such a warm treatment since childhood, this will actually be at a loss. Or big brother Du Min line wink, hurriedly said tap the light point, do not scare the small Shimei.As early as you do not make up one day Two brothers Chen Min feel chuckled Minato a genius lively. Little sister, a nausea here is very boring, what want to eat want to play, tell the two brothers, to ensure that help you do the right. Everyone is cut sound, again bragging She was injured, how can.